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Health and Wellness Coaching

  • NBHWC National Board Health and Wellness Coach certified coaching

  • Certified Intrinsic Health and Wellness coaching

  • 70 min in person, zoom or phone call $70

  • Flexible follow up with 20,40 or 60 min sessions

  • Every coaching session comes will $$$ in exclusive Ignite discounts.

  • Let's work together to discover what is keeping you from your best life and your next step to achieve it. 

Ready to live your BEST life? Try health and wellness coaching today!

Hey, I'm Anna Cox, and I have always been fascinated by health and wellness. Growing up, I hated seeing people suffer, and always wanted to heal them. I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant while I earned my Bachelor in Nursing at the University of Utah. I remember learning from an instructor that the vast majority of reasons people are in the hospital are preventable. For 17 years I worked in several different settings as a CNA and then Registered Nurse (RN), I continued to wonder why there isn’t more focus on preventable health.

After spending decades studying several aspects of health and wellness, I am thrilled to be working on the prevention side of healthcare. As a NBCHWC and certified Intrinsic Health and Wellness coach, I am trained to ask the right questions in the right way to help you find clarity around your health journey.

Together, we will zero in on the challenges you’re currently facing. We will then work to discover your true desires for your health and your life. Your initial session will be a 45 min conversation over zoom, phone call or in person. When you book your session you can choose if it is live, virtual or a phone call.

After our initial session you can decide if coaching is a good fit for you and if you would like to sign up for follow up sessions. Follow up sessions are typically around 25 minutes and are $40 per session.

What is keeping you from living your best life? Everything impacts our health and wellness: relationships, work dynamics, movement, diet, and so much more. I am ready to coach you through any challenge in your life, we can discuss any topic. Because everyone’s journey is different, everyone’s needs are different. When we determine your individual needs, we’ll use your best thinking and my 18 years of professional healthy care experience to create sustainable solutions that will help you feel more alive, whole and well!

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Wondering if Coaching is for you?

If you have any questions about the coaching process or you don't see a time that works for you for an in person or virtual private coaching session, reach out!  We are happy to answerer any questions and find a time that works for you.  


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What women are saying about heath and wellness coaching:

Sarah Lundscog
"I have had the pleasure of participating in a mountain biking clinic, skate skiing course, and a wellness challenge with Anna through Ignite, and each experience was truly transformative. Anna's expertise and enthusiasm made each activity a growing experience, pushing me to stretch myself in the best possible ways. The diversity of the programs offered something for everyone, regardless of their skill level. I wholeheartedly encourage all women to explore what Ignite has to offer. It's time to get off the couch and your phone, and dive into an adventure that could change your life. Highly recommended!"

Kristi Phillips

"Jen, Anna, Bridgette, Turia, and Tissiana are so positive and empowering. Their nurturing personalities enable everyone to believe in their dreams"

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