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Ignite Backpacking and Hiking Course- 10 Films- $$$ in Exclusive Discounts

Ignite Backpacking and Hiking Course- 10 Films- $$$ in Exclusive Discounts

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to be successful at backpacking and hiking.  The course has 10 films plus 28 pages of printable information.


The course will covers:

1.  Gear you need and how to pack it.

2. Footwear

3. Cooking, stoves and fire

4. Hydration

5. Safety, first aid and hygiene

6. Permits, planning and navigation

7.  Benefits of backpacking and physical preparation

8. Backpack and hiking conditioning

9. General injury prevention and recovery

10. Packing checklist

The course is designed and taught by Anna Cox and Jen Dorius. Both have 3 decades of backpack experience and experience guiding professionally.  Kathy Tate covers all the information for exercises to prepare for backpacking, hiking, injury prevention and recovery.   Kathy is a doctor of physical therapy and board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist. 
The course comes with thousands of dollars in discounts for wellness services and products which include:


1. Free Weight Management Consultation with Cammi Fruin, AGNP-C at Synergy Clinic or virtual. ($200 value) 

2. Free Health and Wellness Coaching session with Anna Cox, BSN, CHWC at her Heber, UT home office or virtual. ($70 value). 

3. FREE 20 min injury and mobility consultation at the Motion PT clinic in Heber, UT. ($80 value) 

4. Half off 50 min Reiki Session with Tissiana Peterson at her Wallsburg, UT home office. ($30 value) 

5. 20% off a Yoga Nidra Session with Elizabeth Jensen, in person or virtual. ($20 value) 

6. 30% off all TOKO products at 

7. 50% off Vaginal Rejuvenation or Pelvic Floor Treatments with Crystal Miller at The Pink Remodel Clinic in Heber, UT. ($1250-$3500 value).

8. 30% off any sunglasses or goggles at Eastern Outer.


IF you aren't completly satisfied with this course, please email us and we will issue you a refund!


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