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Nutrition Course - How to Fuel- Includes $$$ in Exclusive Discounts

Nutrition Course - How to Fuel- Includes $$$ in Exclusive Discounts

It's time to IGNITE your life through our 10 part nutrition course.  This course will spark new ideas, motivation and encouragement for fueling your body and living wellness principles.  We truely are what we eat and maximizing our nutrition makes all the difference in our wellness and ability to adventure!

Topics include: what to eat and when to eat, whole grains, protien, plants, dairy, unhealthy foods, supplements, weight loss, chronic disease, motivation and tips! 


We have partnered with Betty Wade, Clinical Dietitian with 40 years of experience.  She taught nutrition and health for UVU for several years and she has been certified in diabetes education, adult weight management and renal dietitian for 17 years.   She stays current on the latest peer reviewed journals of nutrition studies and information so she can share the science behind the best nutrition for our bodies.  With Betty's help we have created content to inspire you to fuel your body in the best way to increase wellness.


When you purchase the course you will be emailed a PDF with a link to 10 films and an introduction film.  The PDF will also have a text version of the hightlights from the films along with goals to act on to incorporate the information.


The course comes with thousands of dollars in discounts for wellness services and products which include:


1. Free Weight Management Consultation with Cammi Fruin, AGNP-C at Synergy Clinic or virtual. ($200 value) 

2. Free Health and Wellness Coaching session with Anna Cox, BSN, CHWC at her Heber, UT home office or virtual. ($70 value). 

3. FREE 20 min injury and mobility consultation at the Motion PT clinic in Heber, UT. ($80 value) 

4. Half off 50 min Reiki Session with Tissiana Peterson at her Wallsburg, UT home office. ($30 value) 

5. 20% off a Yoga Nidra Session with Elizabeth Jensen, in person or virtual. ($20 value) 

6. 30% off all TOKO products at 

7. 50% off Vaginal Rejuvenation or Pelvic Floor Treatments with Crystal Miller at The Pink Remodel Clinic in Heber, UT. ($1250-$3500 value).


Here are what people are saying about our Nutrition Course:  

"The nutrition challenge was packed with practical, useful information. The time frame was just right with short daily lessons, daily goals and engagement. I was able to implement some big changes in a short time period."  - Nancy Anderson


"I loved Betty Wade and of course the interviewer. The editing was also very well done and highlighted the most relevant information. I loved that the questions included controversial topics and the information was presented in such a way as to not offend, but increase everyone's understanding based on science. Nicely done." - Course Participant


"I loved that this nutrition course covered not only the basics, but current and relevant confusions and fads about diet, nutrition, and wellness."- Course Participant




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