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Being Intentional With Your Wellness Journey

Have you ever left a garden unattended, or your bedroom, or even your teeth? We all know how important it is to tend to things in life to keep them from becoming unruly! Our personal wellness is the same! I worked as a CNA and RN in the medical world for 17 years and what I saw time and time again were people that had not been intentional about their wellness journey. In nursing school, one of my instructors said that the vast majority of people in the hospital are there for preventable reasons. Are our choices getting us closer to feeling fully alive, or closer to hospitals, disease and death?

Every choice we make along our journey does have an impact on our overall wellness. Even with my extensive learning and experience in the health industry, I often find myself being very complacent with my own wellness choices. As a working mom with 4 kids, it can be very hard to get a well balanced meal with plenty of plants into everyone even once a day, let alone 3 times! It can be equally challenging to keep everyone moving and find time to fill my own wellness needs.

I continue to see that when I choose to learn more and be reminded about all aspects of wellness, I am definitely better at living them. I have recently become a certified health and wellness coach, and in my work I see the same need for reminders! Most of us have a general idea of what brings wellness, but all of us need continual reminders, support and encouragement to work towards wellness. Wellness doesn't just happen - just like that bedroom never cleans itself.

We can choose to invest our time and money now to support our wellness journey, or we can invest it later into doctors and hospitals. As important as our health is, most of us just don't have the motivation to make the best choices. Research has shown the power of external motivators! Some of the most powerful are peer pressure, incentives and accountability. Sometimes it can be hard to find those motivators! Part of our mission at Ignite is to help women feel well enough to enjoy any outdoor adventure they are interested in. To fulfil this mission we have created the "IGNITE YOUR LIFE" Two-Week Wellness Challenge.

We have gathered over 10 women experts in all areas of health and wellness to create 14 days of incredible content that will help move you to the next level of your wellness journey. We have designed it to fit into anyone's schedule, only requiring 10 minutes a day. It starts on Tuesday, January17 and will run until January 27. Each day you will receive an email with wellness information on a topic for that day, as well as a few ideas to apply it - along with a chance to set your own daily goal for the day.

You will then be able to report back on your progress on our Slack app group and see how everyone else is doing. We'll all be able to encourage and support each other! Our experts have created $650 in wellness service giveaways that every participant will receive as soon as they register. In addition to other giveaways, everyone that completes the challenge will earn an Ignite Bracelet!! This is our effort to combine peer pressure, incentives and accountability in a fun way to help women be intentional in their wellness journey!

Registration closes on January 12th. Think about grabbing a friend and jumping in together. Things are always better with friends! To learn more or jump in, head to

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