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The Power of a Women-Specific Clinics and Adventures:

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Testimonies like this one from Amy are why we do what we do! We have all been the newbie before - the one that is learning a new skill, or improving old ones - and we know how hard it can be. We also know how fun and magical learning can be when you have the right elements! Here are some of the powerful "Why's" behind our women-specific clinics:

  1. TOGETHER. Women just do better together. Not that we don't love guys! We just have seen that when women are together, we support and encourage each other in ways that are unique to women-only groups. We are also more willing to try new things, failing, and trying again! It truly makes for the best environment to learn and have fun!

  2. WISDOM. Women share great wisdom! There is nothing we love more than the girlfriend perspective. No matter what the activity, we always come away learning so much more about life, relationships, cooking, hormones - you name it! In a women-only environment, the sharing is more open and frequent.

  3. DIFFERENT. Women learn differently! Being able to take a ski class from PSIA certified women who are trained and experienced at teaching other women groups can be a game changer to ignite your abilities and find your inner strength!

  4. DETAILS. Women pay attention to the details! If you ever do a ski, bike, swim, backpack or wellness clinic with us, you will experience an attention to details that you will not find other places. Not only will you be continually updated on the weather and ideas of what to wear, you will also receive a PDF version of all the information we will cover in the clinic that you will be able to use time and time again to refer back and remember the wisdom you have gained!

  5. CONNECTION. Our DNA is designed to connect with other women. Over the course of humanity women needed to connect with other women for survival. Research shows that children had a greater chance of surviving if their mothers were able to make strong connections with other women. Which has then led to nature preserving those women that are programmed to connect… ultimately being us!

Don’t just take our word for it! In her Forbes article, “Power Of The Pack: Women Who Support Women Are More Successful,” Shelley Zalis shares great insight and research about the importance of women supporting each other and the success that can be found in that support.

I love her closing quote: “We’re better together. As Madeleine Albright said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." As we say from personal experience, “There is a special place in heaven for women who support other women.

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