You did it! You've finally booked that backpacking trip you've had on your bucket list...

Congratulations on taking this first step! We're SO glad you're joining us for our Coyote Gulch adventure this year. In our opinion, it really doesn't get any better than a fun-filled weekend in a desert canyon with a bunch of new friends. It is always a challenge to slip away from our normal routines, but MAAAAAAN, there is nothing better than hefting your pack off after a long day of beautiful vistas, lots of laughter, challenging new feats, and new friendships! You dip your feet in the water, relax in the cool shade, and think to yourself, "Why don't I do more of this?"

So, first things first...

Add our Backpacking 101 Evening to your calendar! Friday, August 26th we will be meeting at Gravity Coalition in Midway, UT for a condensed evening of backpacking info that will empower and inspire you! Beginning at 5:30 pm, we will cover the basics of gear, packing, nutrition, safety, trip-planning, and more! Anyone can register for this evening at If you are booked for our Coyote Gulch trip, the cost of this evening is already included in your booking. We can't wait for this fun, informative evening of tips, giveaways, and learning!

To get us all on the same page, we're going to kick our trip off with a series of weekly blog posts to help you on your journey to becoming a confident backpacker. Each week we'll highlight one little nugget of knowledge to get you fired up and keep you on the right path!


Nugget #1: If your feet ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.


Our feet are such an important part of everything we do. It's amazing how one tiny little hotspot or blister can overshadow an entire weekend. With careful planning, your feet can be happy! Your shoe and sock selection for each adventure will be dependent on many things including weather, distance, pack weight and personal preference. Never ever head out for a multi-day trip with shoes right out of the box! Allow yourself plenty of trial hikes in different shoe/sock combos to select the perfect combination that works for you. Prepare for a longer backpack trip by doing an assortment of day hikes leading up to it. Hike in all sorts of conditions. Hike uphill/downhill, quickly/slowly, wet/dry, etc. You may find that you prefer a hiking boot/wool sock combo for longer alpine trips where you are carrying a heavier pack. You may enjoy a lightweight trail runner and a synthetic ankle sock combo during hotter weather and flatter terrain. Often, keeping a journal with weather/terrain/footwear choices can help you remember your successes! So, get those shoes out of the box and get testing!!

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