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Ignite Your LIFE 2-Week
Wellness Challenge

From Spark to Flame

As women we keep so many flames burning we can get burnt out. Let us help you ignite your life through a 2 week virtual wellness challenge! January can be a time of dark coldness, not only with the weather but with our thoughts, moods and health. This challenge will spark new ideas, motivation and encouragement for living wellness principles. We'll take you from spark to flame and connect you to a community that is working toward similar goals. Over 10 experts in various wellness aspects have created content that will inspire you each day. Start your year with the best version of yourself and sign up today!! Everyone that signs up will receive $650 in discounts for wellness services and chance to win a FREE IGNITE RETREAT!!

When you book your spot, watch for a welcome email with instructions for the challenge and codes for all your coupons!

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Challenge Outline

- January 12th - Registration closes, everyone will be emailed a Wellness Challenge workbook with all the information we will be covering.

- January 13th, 12pm - Welcome zoom call to learn how the challenge will work.

- January 17th - Challenge begins!!

- January 24 & 31 - Zoom meetings with extended content and Q&A.

Everyday you will receive an email with a short video of wellness information. The content of the video will also be typed in the email along with 3-5 challenge options to apply the information that day. The challenges will include simple ideas along with an option to create your own unique challenge for what you are needing that day. The information will also be posted on our unique group on the app Slack.

Everyone will be encouraged to respond to the Slack post with the challenge they choose and how it went. On Slack we will be able to keep each other accountable and support one another. After 2 weeks everyone that was able to complete one challenge every day will be rewarded with an Ignite Bracelet ($20 value)! Good reason to keep going!!

Daily wellness topics include: your why, success with goals, managing expectations, cardio training, increasing adventure, mindful practices,  gratitude, love, breath work, depression, anxiety, hormone optimization, hydration, nutrition, recovery and sleep.

$650 in Giveaways for All

Just for signing up all participants will receive coupons for:

1. Free Hormone Consultation with Crystal Miller, CNM, WHNP-BC at the Wasatch Family and Women's Wellness Clinic or virtual. ($200 value)

2. Free Weight Managment Consultation with Cammi Fruin, AGNP-C at Synergy Clinic or virtual. ($200 value) 

3. Free Health and Wellness Coaching session with Anna Cox, BSN, CHWC at her Heber, UT home office or virtual. ($70 value)

4. $50 off any Body By Bree training programs found at ($50 value)

5. Half off the 2023 bucket list from Lori's fab life. ($50 value)

6. Free 30 minute virtual fitness training consult with Kim Walker, Exercise Physiologist ($50 value)

7. Half off a 50 min Reiki Session with Tissiana Peterson at her Wallsburg, UT home office. ($30 value)

When you book your spot, watch for a welcome email with instructions for the challenge and codes for all your coupons! If you don't see it please reach out to us! 

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Meet The Presenters


Crystal Miller: CNM, WHNP-BC

  • Instagram
  • Worked in women’s health for 12 years, focused on helping women achieve optimal health and wellness in every decade of life.  

  • Believes women are powerful, strong, and the experts on their own bodies. Her patient care philosophy focuses on providing holistic care through partnership. Her goal is to provide women with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to thrive. 

  • Received her master’s and post graduate degrees from Frontier Nursing University. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, Crystal obtained a nursing degree from George Mason University and degrees in Economics and Public Policy from Brigham Young University. Crystal has served women as a nurse midwife and a gynecological, post-surgical, labor & delivery, and postpartum nurse.

  • Thrilled to be serving the women of Wasatch County at Wasatch Family & Women’s Wellness Clinic.


Anna Cox: BSN,CHWC, Cofounder of Ignite 

  • Instagram
  • Graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Bachelors in Communications.

  • Worked as a CNA and RN for over 2 decades and discovered a passion for teaching people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and make choices that lead to wellness

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach, loves mentoring others on their health journey. 

  • National certified Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBIA) and Ski Instructor (PSIA). Loves coaching and teaching biking and skiing. 

  • Worked as an adventure guide in Costa Rica and as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

  • Cofounded Ignite, a company dedicated to helping women spark adventure and wellness in their lives through outdoor adventure and wellness. 


Lisa Bolton: Founder 
Off The Couch

  • Instagram
  • Graduated from the University of Utah in Exercise and Sport Science.  Lives in Millcreek, UT with husband and four boys. Served on multiple boards in the community. Works in corporate wellness and as a swim coach and event planner.

  • Loves living in Utah and the four seasons.  Passionate about being outside and opportunities to make connections and memories with family and friends.  

  • Enjoys being involved serving in the community, hosting events, working with others and creating connections.  

  • Through experience has seen the importance of mindful movement  outside and physically and mentally making time for your body to move and breath fresh air.


Julia Winterton: 
Licensed Clinical  
Mental Health Counselor

  • Master’s level licensed professional counselor.  Earned a MA in Counseling from the University of Phoenix in 2012.  BA in Social Work with a minor in Criminal Justice from Weber State University in 2004.

  • Professional experience includes private psychotherapy practice and residential treatment for addiction. Currently employed as a school based mental health therapist for Wasatch School District.

  • Experienced trauma informed therapist skilled in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Her approach centers around the belief that we are created for connection and that most of the suffering we experience centers around disconnection. 

  • Works actively with clients to address and resolve current obstacles while creating a strong foundation grounded in values to buffer against future difficulties.

  • Instagram

Kim Walker: Exercise Physiologist

  • American College of Sport Medicine Exercise Physiologist and ACSM/American Cancer Society Cancer Exercise Trainer with over 25 years experience in exercise training.  

  • Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sport Science and Interpersonal Communication with a Spanish Minor.

  • Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and taught fitness instructor training for 10 years at the University of Utah, College of Health.

  • Worked in exercise oncology for over 15 years prescribing exercise before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.

  • Certified instructor and currently teaching High Fitness, High-Low Fitness, High Yo, Zumba, Upbeat Barre, Pilates Barre, Step, Kickboxing, Spinning, TRX, Core Conditioning, Stretching, HIIT, Circuit and Resistance Training.

  • Goal to teach individuals to modify movement to fit their needs and find movement that brings them joy.


Turia Pope: Rec 
Therapist, Cofounder
of Ignite

  • Instagram
  • Recreational therapist, worked as a leader of survival treks in the Arizona desert; ran adaptive recreation programs for children with physical disabilities in downtown Chicago and lead families through outdoor challenges at a family camp in Wyoming.  Also worked assisting recreation programs in the state mental hospital of Utah.

  • Helped children, teens, adults, seniors and everyone in between transfer the skills they learn outside to other areas of their life.

  • Loves to share outdoor adventures with others!

  • Cofounded Ignite, a company dedicated to helping women spark adventure and wellness in their lives through outdoor adventure and wellness. Works with Ignite as retreat leader, ski instructor, Newsletter creator and mindset specialist


Brittany Light: LMT

  • Instagram
  • Licensed massage therapist that specializes in injury recovery and athlete body work.

  • 16 year background in personal training

  • 10years experience in endurance sport that has been the key to her ability and understanding of what the body needs to keep her clients doing what they love 


Sarah Treseder: 

  • Instagram
  • 16 years in the beauty industry, hairdresser, entrepreneur and life long learner.  Loves to explore, travel, eat good food and spend time near water.

  • Favorite part of job is the relationships and friendships with clients and creating the beautiful hair of their dreams.

  • Student of breathwork for wellness because it's a scientific, functional and accessible tool to use daily to manage stress and anxiety.

  • Aims to utilize breathwork everyday to stay grounded, preset and connected to life. 


Lori Thompson:
Influencer at

  • Instagram
  • Mom of 8 sons, always looking for activities and adventures! Influencer at Lorisfablife on Instagram. 

  • Creator of "summer bucket list" highlighting ever region in Utah for a few years.

  • Passion for helping sons realize their full potential by setting goals, while also having goals that help provide a nice balance for life.

  • Loves helping others see goals not as daunting obstacle, but instead as step-stones to becoming what you want to be. 

  • Tagline is “It’s Not Hard to be a Fun Mom!” Creates lists of things that people can do with their families. By using this guide, its much easier to have a successful adventure.


Tissiana Peterson 
Reiki Practitioner

  • Instagram
  • Originally from Ecuador, lived in Utah for 15 years. Loves anything outside. 

  • Avid hiker and backpacker for 10 years.  Started getting outside as a way to cope with and overcome severe postpartum depression.

  • Has a passion for getting women outdoors with other women.  Believes that finding a community of women to connect, share experiences and be vulnerable with is crucial. 


Cammi Fruin: MSN,

  • Instagram
  • Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years of nursing experience and 25 years in the healthcare industry.  

  • Passionate about helping men and women lose weight and regain their health.

  • Experienced a personal journey of being overweight, frustrated, and trying every fad diet out there, while feeling hopeless. Invested in a balance of medical and functional medicine interventions and achieved 45 pounds of weight loss, this in turn offered an array of other health and wellness benefits.

  • Currenlty supporting others who are frustrated with not only weight loss, but overall health and wellness needs. Offers a balance of medical and functional medicine solutions that will restore healthy function within the body. 

  • Maintains a functional medicine approach working holistically and considers the full picture of clients physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Practices hormone balancing, nutritional programming, mineral optimization, gut health, movement, lifestyle and habit changes at Synergy Clinic in Heber, UT

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