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My name is Turia Pope. The great outdoors is my happy place, and I love to share it with others!

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My Story

I grew up outdoors, led by a strong mother who loved to explore national and state parks for every vacation.  I didn’t know you could vacation without a tent until I was an adult - and I still rarely choose to do it!

As I pursued an education in recreation therapy, I discovered that doing hard things outside not only felt good, it did good.  I watched families and and friends transfer the skills they learned outside to other areas of their life, with really amazing results!  After conquering the fear of a gnarly downhill on a mountain bike, ascending a gut busting mountain peak on a hike, or  successfully rock climbing a difficult route, we feel empowered to take charge of our lives in really positive ways.

I am an expert in nothing and a dabbler in many outdoor pursuits - mountain biking, triathlons, running, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, backpacking and permaculture (after shoveling out two truckloads of manure, it starts to feel like an outdoor sport!).  I love learning new ways to connect with nature and friends, and love making new friends outdoors.  

I am the proud homeschooling mama to three wild animals who also love to run around in nature with me.  They teach and stretch me on all our adventures.

The great outdoors is my happy place, and I love to share it with others!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Backpack / Hiking Trips

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