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Outdoor Adventure  &
Wellness for Women

XC SKI, MTB Clinics, Backpacks, and Coaching

Join our Live and
Virtual Events

As women we keep so many flames burning that our own flame can fade.

Join us to ignite your life through outdoor adventure and wellness.  

Our services include:  

  • Cross country ski and mountain bike clinics around the Heber area for all levels.

  • Guided Backpack adventures

  • Private and custom group coaching for cross country skiing, mountain biking, health and wellness.

  • Virtual courses, challenges and online resources to spark adventure and wellness.

Abstract Background

Live and Virtual Events:

We bring women together to IGNITE confidence, wellness and joy through clinics, retreats, and coaching.   

Interested in partnering with us? We love to team up with other women to create retreats, clinics or workshops.  If you like the cause of strengthening women, consider sponsoring an event or joining our team! Everyone has something to contribute!




Michelle, Ignite Your Summer Retreat

I loved the location, the intent of having women come together to do active things/move our bodies, support each other, learn new things and learn about new places, about each other, bond with others, eat healthy food, and live life to the fullest!


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